Mend a Broken Heart with Q.E.S.T™

(Quick, Effective, Solutions Techniques™)

If your relationship ended, which of the following apply to you:


My stomach feels as if it is in knots or there is an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach.


I find it difficult to be enthusiastic at work and in social situations.


Either I lose my appetite, or I over-eat because it temporarily makes me feel better.


I am constantly checking my messages hoping for something positive to come up.


The idea of starting to date other people is not appealing to me.


I still feel emotionally stuck even though I know the relationship needed to end.


I sit around or lie in bed endlessly thinking that I probably caused it and that this is my fate.


I keep wondering whether it could work or not.


 My levels of confidence and self-belief have decreased.

If you have answered YES to one or more of these issues, call me for help.

Your heart's broken and it hurts -
More than support I can give you helpful tools

Yes, the good news is you can heal and move on. My Q.E.S.T.™ method has helped mend many broken hearts, so rather than feeling stuck and as if your world has ended call me and and let's talk about starting to mend your broken heart and how to move on with greater confidence.

Do you want help in dealing with
the passing of someone close?

As I have helped others, I can help you deal with this difficult time.